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Diner (1982)

US 110m, Colour
Director: Barry Levinson; Cast: Steve Guttenberg, Daniel Stern, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon, Timothy Daly, Ellen Barkin

diner_1983Diner is a comedic drama set in Baltimore during the last week of 1959 about a group of friends who regularly meet up at a late night diner. A semi-autobiographical film that draws on Levinson’s experiences, Diner is a nostalgic film with a memorable ensemble cast. The plot consists of a number of interconnecting stories which are linked by the friendships of the film’s male characters who seem totally perplexed by the women in their lives. Their lack of understanding of the opposite sex seems to be Levinson’s main point in presenting a group of immature young men who are primarily interested in gambling, movies, music and themselves (Klaus Ming October 2016).


4 comments on “Diner (1982)

  1. Eric Binford

    I have to re-watch this one. Although extremely well-acted, well-written, I had problems connecting with the characters. I just didn’t like them much.

    • Klaus

      Indeed, they are definitely not very likable – but pretty convincing nonetheless. And they are all so young (especially Mickey Rourke).

      • Eric Binford

        Agreed. So much great talent in this little movie. It’s like ’80s answer to American Graffiti — Baltimore Graffiti? 🙂

  2. Klaus

    “Baltimore Graffiti” — i was thinking the same thing.

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