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Mission Accomplished!

1001reducedHaving just posted review 1001 from the 2008 edition of the “1001 Movies you must see before you die”, I’m pretty excited about finally completing “the list”. Of course, I’ll be continuing to watch and review movies, and perhaps complete a few other lists that I have already started. Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog, it’s been a lot of fun reading your comments, suggestions and insights along the way over these years. I also need to thank my wife for her patience, encouragement, and her proof reading of my posts. Any mistakes that have found their way into my blog are my own, and were often a result of a blurry-eyed late-night effort  – which of course she would often catch the following morning (Klaus Ming October 2016).


17 comments on “Mission Accomplished!

  1. SJHoneywell

    Awesome–congratulations! It’s a massive accomplishment and one that you should probably take a day or two to let sink in. Allow me to be the first person online to welcome you into the unofficial completers’ club.

    Incidentally, if you want to complete the “full” list of everything that’s ever been included on the list, you’ve got fewer than 200 to go.

    • Klaus

      Thanks, it’s a great feeling! Looking forward to learning the secret handshake. And yeah, I have a ways to go to complete the 1001+ movies 🙂

  2. Romy Sommer

    Well done! It’s been fun reading your posts too. Since I’ve often agreed with your verdict on movies I’ve already seen, I now use your reviews to help decide on what to watch.

    • Klaus

      Thanks Romy, when I began this, i’d never expected anyone to follow along let alone base any of their movie watching on these little posts. Needless to say, i’m flattered and happy you have enjoy the blog.

  3. Chris, a librarian

    I’m jealous! But way to go! Have you posted a list of your favorite or least favorite films from the list?

    • Klaus

      Thanks Chris – I’ve not done any favorite or least favorite lists yet, but it is something I do plan to do.

  4. nicolaskrizan

    Hip hooray – keep on watching and writing!

    • Klaus

      Thanks! I plan to. Plus i need to finish off the list “updates”

  5. Anthony Lee Collins


    (Looking back, you’re doing well on Welles, and Hawks, but you could be a little stronger on Altman, and Jarmusch… )

    I’m enjoying poking around the tag cloud over there on the right, remembering all the reviews, but how could I have missed your reviews of Kill Bill and Hateful Eight? And the Ninth Gate? And….

    • Klaus

      I’m often using the tag cloud as well, and am amazed at how many movies i’ve seen of various directors. Plus, so many gaps!

      • Anthony Lee Collins

        I’ll suggest things as I think of them (for Altman, maybe California Split and Kansas City; For Jarmusch, Ghost Dog and Mystery Train 🙂 ).

        I’m going to enjoy catching up on the reviews I missed reading. In some cases I’ll immodestly direct you to my own reviews.

  6. Thomas Sørensen

    Thumbs up, this is awesome.

    • Klaus

      Thanks Thomas! very happy to have the 2008 list completed.

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  8. Klaus

    Hey Anthony, I always enjoy your insights, and feel free to link to your reviews. I quite enjoy your in-depth treatments.

  9. Paragraph Film Reviews

    Superb! Great going Klaus – you’re definitely the first person I know of that’s actually finished one of those damn lists. You must be feeling like one of the most knowledgeable movie bloggers out there now!

    • Klaus

      Thanks, it was definitely a learning experience that was pretty enjoyable for the most part. Though there were a good number of films on the list that i can say that I won’t see again before i die 😉

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