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Settling in for #1001

lastmovieThe day has finally arrived, and here I am settling in for Chimes at Midnight (1965) with a surprise bouquet of balloons courtesy of Greta Ming. It’s a cold rainy day here, perfect for my last 1001 movie. Having purchased a blu-ray of this film with about 60 remaining movies gave me additional incentive to complete the list in a timely fashion. Finishing in October 2016 also coincides with the eighth anniversary of my 1001 project.

I have really been looking forward to Chimes at Midnight since I had heard this past summer that Criterion was releasing a new restoration of it. Despite still being a novice when it comes to Shakespeare, I’d very much enjoyed Welles’ peculiar film adaptation of Macbeth (1948) and have high expectations for his portrayal of Falstaff – which apparently Welles himself called his best work (Klaus Ming October 2016).




6 comments on “Settling in for #1001

  1. Aakaalakaa

    Enjoy and congratulations!

    • Klaus

      I did! It was a great film to cap off my 8 year film class.

  2. onestitchatatime


  3. Anthony Lee Collins

    Welles enthusiast that I am, I blush to admit that I don’t own the Criterion Collection version.

    This got me to finally order it. It’ll look nice on my shelf next to my Criterion F for Fake and Arkadin, and the 50th Anniversary Touch of Evil. 🙂

    • Klaus

      Having it as my last movie was a great excuse to purchase it 🙂 The Criterion blu-ray for Chimes is excellent.

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