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Dead of Night (1945)

UK 102m, B&W
Directors: Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Robert Hamer, Basil Dearden: Cast: Anthony Baird, Roland Culver, Renée Gadd, Sally Ann Howes, Mervyn Johns, Barbara Leake, Mary Merrall, Frederick Valk. Googie Withers

dead_of_night-1945Dead of Night is a self-referencing supernatural horror film with a circular plot that contains a number of short stories which are all linked through a group of people who share strange and frightening personal experiences from their past. This is an imaginative and highly influential film with a structure that is widely copied by many horror anthologies, not the least of which is The Simpson’s television Halloween special (Klaus Ming November 2016).

2 comments on “Dead of Night (1945)

  1. Hoosier X

    I love this movie! I saw it for the first time last year and I’ve decided to make it one of the movies I watch every year during the Halloween season. I watched it on Halloween while I was running over to the door and passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

    • Klaus

      I only heard about last month from a friend who recommended it after seeing it on the TCM. A great Halloween film!

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