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Paris Qui Dort (1924)

France 35m, B&W, silent
Director: René Clair; Cast: Henri Rollan, Charles Martinelli, Louis Pré Fils, Albert Préjean, Madeleine Rodrigue, Myla Seller, Antoine Stacquet, Marcel Vallée

paris-qui-dortShot largely from the Eiffel Tower, Paris Asleep is a dizzying comedic science fiction fantasy about a scientist who unleashes a ray which freezes time, bringing the world to a standstill, save a handful of people. With the freedom to move about Paris to do what they wish without consequence, the group’s desires are unimpeded until they finally become bored with their new-found wealth and freedom. A noteworthy film for its depiction of a city all but deserted, this is an amusing premise that feels years ahead of its time (Klaus Ming December 2016).

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