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Arrival (2016)

US 116m, Colour
Director: Denis Villeneuve; Cast: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg, Tzi Ma

arrival_2016An adaptation of Ted Chiang’s 1998 novella entitled the “Story of Your Life”, Arrival is an intelligent and moving science fiction film that explores the meaning of language and the concept of time. Employing the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis, which suggests that our language shapes our worldview and our understanding, the film’s central character decodes an extraterrestrial language that opens her mind to unexpected insights and seemingly impossible abilities (Klaus Ming February 2017).


4 comments on “Arrival (2016)

  1. Thomas Sørensen

    The question of couse is ifthe aliens give her that special ability or if it is that ability that enables her to unlock their language. She does have those visions already in the beginning of the story.

    • Klaus

      I hadn’t even given that a thought. For me, it was a matter of the language that unlocked her abilities – but perhaps that’s my anthropology background that immediately clicked in.

      The way I saw the film unfolding was that it had already happened – and that her initial visions were simply memories that were folded into her consciousness which allowed her to see all events – past / present and future.

      In any event, it’s great to see a science fiction film of a kind that doesn’t rely so heavily on technology and explosions 🙂

  2. Paragraph Film Reviews

    I liked this film, and got it completely, but I think this film would be better the second time round knowing how it ends and what the actual timeline of the scenes are.

    • Klaus

      Good point. I had thought about that – but yeah, I think it would – and also a very different viewing experience at that.

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