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A Fat Wreck (2016)

US 88m, Colour
Director: Shaun Colon; Cast: Fat Mike, Erin Burkett, Laura Jane Grace, Chris Shiflett, Akihiro Namba, Trever Keith, Jay Bently, Mike Herrera, Jim Lindberg, Joey Cape

This is an entertaining documentary about the influential Fat Wreck Chords recording label and its founders Fat Mike of NOFX and Erin Kelly-Burkett who ignited a California punk rock music scene that has for 25 years made some of the most intelligent and surprisingly melodic music to ever come out of America. A must-see trip down memory lane for fans of Fat Wreck bands, this is also an inspirational story for anyone ever interested in making independent music (Klaus Ming March 2017).


2 comments on “A Fat Wreck (2016)

  1. Paragraph Film Reviews

    Holy Cow! Never realised this was a thing!!! Can’t wait to hunt it down as the Fat Wreck compilations were the soundtrack to my teens!!!!

    • Klaus

      I’ve been listening to and buying Fat Wreck discs for years. Caught NOFX in concert a few years back when they came to St. John’s – great music!

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