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Os Lobos (1923)

Portugal 80m, B&W, Silent
Director: Rino Lupo; Cast: José Soveral, Branca De Oliveira, Joaquim Almada, Sarah Cunha, Joaquim Avelar, Eduardo Rios

This is the story of Ruivo, a sailor released from prison who moves to a rural mountain village to escape his troubled past. As an outsider, he becomes a source of fascination for the townsfolk, particularly for two women. Pursuing another man’s wife while spurning the advances of a single woman, Ruivo becomes further entangled in a mystery involving the killing of sheep. Filmed on-location, this is a beautiful looking but oddly disturbing tale of love and betrayal. In portraying women as sheep and men as wolves, Os Lobos also looks to be a commentary on stereotypes in traditional Portuguese society (Klaus Ming April 2017).

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