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Notfilm (2015)

US 130m, B&W
Director: Ross Lipman; Cast: Ross Lipman, Kevin Brownlow, S.E. Gontarski, James Karen, Leonard Maltin, Barney Rosset, Haskell Wexler, Billie Whitelaw

Much more than a documentary, Notfilm is a deeply thoughtful and intriguing “Kino Essay” of Samuel Beckett’s 1965 experimental film that featured Buster Keaton, and was simply entitled “Film”. Through the use of archival footage, in-depth back stories and character analyses, Lipman shines much-needed light on not only the meaning of Film, but Beckett’s unrealized intentions in his one-and-only foray into moving pictures. Though Film is described as a failed experiment, Notfilm convincingly argues that Beckett’s own deeply personal issues with privacy and public perception are deeply embedded in his work. Surely to be of great interest to film and literary students as well as die-hard Buster Keaton fans, Notfilm is an important contribution to film analysis, and a must-own disc for my movie collection (Klaus Ming April 2017).

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