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The Farthest (2017)

Ireland 121m, Colour
Director: Emer Reynolds; Cast: Frank Drake, Carolyn Porco, John Casani, Lawrence Krauss, Timothy Ferris, Edward Stone , Nick Sagan, Larry Soderblom, Charley Kohlhase, Fran Bagenal, James F. Bell, Frank Locatell, Suzanne Dodd, Jon Lomberg, Heidi Hammel

After the incredible scientific achievements in the outer reaches of our solar system, NASA’s pioneering Voyager program now offers a near “permanent” record of our existence here on earth. A thought-provoking film, The Farthest is a beautifully crafted production about the creation, deployment and legacy of the Voyager spacecraft which is now traveling through interstellar space. As the crowning achievement for a generation of scientists, this is a surprisingly emotional film for many of interviewees whose excitement about Voyager has never dimmed (Klaus Ming August 2017).


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