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The Fifth Element (1997)

France 126m, Colour
Director: Luc Besson; Cast: Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Chris Tucker, Ian Holm, Milla Jovovich

The Fifth Element is a highly inventive and visually striking comedic science fiction fantasy set in the 23rd century about a supreme being who is sent to defend the earth against an all-powerful evil entity. With a cast of entertainingly eccentric characters, the Fifth Element is a fast-paced and witty film that never takes itself too seriously – something which a number of reviewers seem to have missed in their negative critiques of this often maligned production (Klaus Ming October 2017).

4 comments on “The Fifth Element (1997)

  1. Anthony Lee Collins

    I really like this film. I suspect some people like their science fiction somewhat more serious, and with less over-the-top acting. Me, I like my scifi all sorts of different ways. Tucker may be a little much here, but Willis, Jovovich, Holm and Oldman (and some of the others, too) are wonderful.

    • Klaus

      One of my favorites as well, and for the same reasons you mention. It’s a lot of fun, and as for Tucker’s performance, I think it’s hysterical – especially against Willis’s deadpan reactions to it. I really don’t get the negative reactions that many people have toward this film.

  2. Samhain2000

    To me this movie has always had a Heavy Metal magazine feel to it.

    • Klaus

      Interesting. I know the magazine from the style of the artwork, but am not familiar with it enough to make the connection.

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