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Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot (2015)

Italy 112m, Colour
Director: Gabriele Mainetti; Cast: Claudio Santamaria, Luca Marinelli, Ilenia Pastorelli, Stefano Ambrogi

They Call Me Jeeg is gritty superhero film about Enzo Ceccotti, a low-life criminal who develops super strength after being exposed to radioactive waste. While not the most original or likely origin story, the interaction between Jeeg and a traumatized young woman named Alessia develops into a surprisingly heartfelt and complex relationship. As Jeeg’s adversary, “The Gipsy” is as a wholly disturbing character whose maniacal behavior rivals any comic book villain (Klaus Ming October 2017).

3 comments on “Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot (2015)

  1. Mr. Bobinsky

    Wow, this is an Italian movie and I totally missed it when it was out here. Seems to be worth a watch, right? Thanks!

    • Klaus

      It’s worth a look. It’s a dark film with some interesting performances.

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