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Las Hurdes: Tierra Sin Pan (1933)

Spain 27m, B&W
Director: Luis Buñuel; Cast: Abel Jacquin, Alexandre O’Neill

Inspired by Maurice Legendre’s ethnographic study, Las Jurdes: étude de géographie humaine (1927), Land Without Bread is a subversive documentary about the plight of the villagers of Las Hurdes who lived in a poor and remote mountainous region of Spain. As a personal and political statement against government authority, Buñuel’s film is a disturbing combination of fact and fiction that was banned by Spanish government for “exploiting” the local people (Klaus Ming November 2017).

7 comments on “Las Hurdes: Tierra Sin Pan (1933)

  1. Thomas Sørensen

    Didn’t Franco only take power in 36?
    Bunuel just hated authorities of any kind. Here he gives it full throttle.

    • Klaus

      Indeed you are correct! Sloppy on my part. Thanks for the correction.

  2. Steve Honeywell

    I wasn’t a huge fan, although I can understand why it’s important.

    • Klaus

      I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed it, but was certainly shocked by it. I kind of want to pick up a copy of the original ethnography after seeing it. I was aware of it through my undergraduate anthropology background – but hadn’t read it.

  3. nicolaskrizan

    It has been criticized for being staged and manipulative.

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