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Meru (2015)

US 87m, Colour
Directors: Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi; Cast: Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, and Renan Ozturk, Amee Hinkley, Jeremy Jones , Jon Krakauer , Jennifer Lowe-Anker

Meru is both a captivating documentary and a remarkable achievement in mountain climbing. Described as one of the most demanding and technical climbs, the first ascent of the “Shark’s Fin” route on Meru in the Indian Himalayas was not only achieved by Anker, Chin and Ozturk, but also simultaneously filmed by Chin. As a first-hand account there are few other climbing films as intimate, and perhaps none as expertly shot. Reaching beyond the triumph of the eventual ascent, Meru is also a highly inspirational film about overcoming personal obstacles and tragedy (Klaus Ming January 2019).


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