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Gentlemen to the Rescue: The Heroes of the Silent Screen (1972)

Author: Kalton C. Lahue; Publisher: A.S. Barnes and Company Inc., Hardcover, 244 pages; ISBN 049807802 I recently had the great fortune of receiving a hardcover edition of Lahue’s “Gentlemen to … Continue reading

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The Book of Illusions (2002)

Author: Paul Auster; Publisher: Henry Holt and Company; 232 pages; ISBN-0-8050-5408-1 The Book of Illusions is the fictional story of David Zimmer, a writer who becomes involved in researching and … Continue reading

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1024 Movies to See before You Die

The list grows longer having recently purchased the Black Swan clad 2011 “Updated Edition” of 1001 Movies to see Before You Die. And now that I have just finished updating … Continue reading

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Four Word Film Reviews (2010)

Authors: Benj Clews & Michael Onesi; Publisher: Adams Media, 192 pages; ISBN-10: 1440505659 (pbk.) Conceptually, Four Word Film Reviews is a clever idea that had its beginnings in 1999 with … Continue reading

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