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Moving Pictures: For People of Superior Minds

From the early trade magazines, it is apparent that technical advances in film quickly outpaced the quality of many film productions. In the industry’s efforts to make a quick buck, the production … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures: For People of Average Intelligence

An interesting feature of The Moving Picture News is a section entitled American Consulate Reports, which brings movie news from abroad. In Vol IV, No. 38 (1911:24) there is an … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures: For the Criminal

In my previous Silent Film Musing, I noted early cinema’s preoccupation with education. On the same theme, Rev. W. H. Jackson penned an article entitled: “The Omnipresent Revolver” in The Moving … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures: Not only for the Children

A common theme in many of the early trade publications is the notion that moving pictures could be both entertaining and instructional. Of note is Margaret MacDonald’s impassioned plea from … Continue reading

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New Blog Feature for 2016

As my viewing of the 1001 list nears completion, I have added a few new projects, including films that were awarded the Photoplay Medal of Honour, which I learned about through my … Continue reading

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Gentlemen to the Rescue: The Heroes of the Silent Screen (1972)

Author: Kalton C. Lahue; Publisher: A.S. Barnes and Company Inc., Hardcover, 244 pages; ISBN 049807802 I recently had the great fortune of receiving a hardcover edition of Lahue’s “Gentlemen to … Continue reading

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These Amazing Shadows (2011)

US 88m, B&W, Colour Directors: Paul Mariano & Kurt Norton These Amazing Shadows is a fascinating, albeit far too condensed documentary on the preservation of American film through the efforts … Continue reading

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