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Snowpocalypse 2020

With Oscar season here, and only a few movies watched in 2019, I was feeling the pressure to play catch-up with this year’s nominated movies. “Luckily” we live in St. … Continue reading

01/20/2020 · 2 Comments

2020 Oscar Nominations

My 2019 showing (11 of 19), and most notably, 5 for 5 in the Best Picture and acting categories was one of my best years for predictions. It’s been a … Continue reading

01/13/2020 · 2 Comments

2019 Oscar Nominations

Is it that time again? After my disastrous 2018 showing (5/15), I am thinking of employing a new less pseudo-scientific strategy this year – though I’m not ruling out letting … Continue reading

01/22/2019 · 4 Comments

Climbing in Film

As an older but enthusiastic newcomer to the sport of rock climbing (me on the left), and one who has recently been sidelined by injury, I’m biding my rehab time … Continue reading

12/25/2018 · 1 Comment

2018 Reflections and Resolutions

It’s been ten years since I began my quest in 2008 to watch and review 1001 movies in about 100 words or less. Since my first post, Le Voyage dans … Continue reading

12/23/2018 · 4 Comments

2018 Oscar Nominations

Hoping that the planetary configurations are in alignment this year, I expect that I’ll do no worse than last. Having watched only a handful of the nominees to-date, I’m going … Continue reading

01/27/2018 · 4 Comments

2017 Oscar Nominations

Though the planetary configurations may out of alignment this year, I expect that I’ll do no worse than last. With little to aid my predictions for the 2017 Academy Awards, … Continue reading

01/25/2017 · 5 Comments