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Secret Beyond the Door (1948)

US 99m, B&W Director: Fritz Lang; Cast: Joan Bennett, Michael Redgrave, Anne Revere, Barbara O’Neil, Natalie Schafer The Secret Beyond the Door is a fabulous looking film noir thriller with … Continue reading

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Woman in the Moon (1929)

Germany 108 min, silent (B&W) Director: Fritz Lang; Cast: Willy Fritsch, Gerda Maurus, Klaus Pohl, Fritz Rasp, Gustl Stark Gstettenbaur, Gustav von Wangenheim, Karl Platen Woman in the Moon is … Continue reading

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Metropolis (1927)

Germany 114m, silent (B&W) Director: Fritz Lang; Cast: Alfred Abel, Brigitte Helm, Gustav Fröhlich, Rudolf Klein-Rogge Metropolis is a brilliant stylized science fiction nightmare of a modern mechanized capitalist future … Continue reading

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Dr. Mabuse der Spieler (1922)

Germany 270m, silent (B&W) Director: Fritz Lang; Cast: Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Aud Egede-Nissen, Gertrude Welcker, Alfred Abel, Bernhard Goetzke Dr. Mabuse der Spieler is the ultimate silent era card playing criminal … Continue reading

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