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Fat City (1972)

US 100m, Colour Director: John Huston; Cast: Stacy Keach, Jeff Bridges, Susan Tyrrell, Nicholas Colasanto Based on the 1969 Leonard Gardner novel of the same name, Fat City is a depressingly … Continue reading

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Beat the Devil (1953)

UK 89m, B&W Director: John Huston; Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Gina Lollobrigida, Peter Lorre, Robert Morley, Edward Underdown, Ivor Barnard, Marco Tulli, Bernard Lee, Saro Urzì Beat the Devil … Continue reading

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The Dead (1987)

83m, Colour Director: John Huston; Cast: Anjelica Huston, Donal McCann, Dan O’Herlihy, Donal Donnelly, Helena Carroll, Cathleen Delany John Huston’s last film, The Dead is a wonderfully slow-paced drama based … Continue reading

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The Battle of San Pietro (1945)

US 32m, B&W Director: John Huston The Battle of San Pietro is a remarkable short documentary film that was shot during World War II by a small film crew that … Continue reading

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