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The God of Cookery (1996)

Hong Kong 92m, Colour Director: Stephen Chow; Cast: Stephen Chow, Karen Mok, Vincent Kuk, Ng Man-tat, Lee Siu-Kei, Tats Lau A master chef martial arts mash-up, The God of Cookery … Continue reading

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The Mermaid (2016)

The Mermaid (2016) China/Hong Kong 94m, Color/3D Director: Stephen Chow; Cast: Deng Chao, Show Luo, Zhang Yuqi, Lin Yun The¬†highest grossing film in China¬†to-date, The Mermaid is a science fiction … Continue reading

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Shaolin Soccer (2001)

Hong Kong 102m, Colour Director: Stephen Chow; Cast: Stephen Chow, Zhao Wei, Ng Man Tat, Patrick Tse, Danny Chan Kwok Kwan Sing (aka Steel Leg) may be a poor man, … Continue reading

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CJ7 (2008)

Hong Kong 86m, Colour Director: Stephen Chow: Cast: Stephen Chow, Xu Jiao, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Danny Chan Kwok Kwan, Tin Kai Man CJ7 is an underrated and widely misunderstood science-fiction … Continue reading

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