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Mogambo (1953)

US 115m, Colour
Director: John Ford; Cast: Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Donald Sinden

Filmed largely on location in East Africa, and set to music performed by local “native tribes”, Mogambo is an interesting, odd and laughable mix of pseudo-anthropology, travel documentary, and a wild kingdom-inspired “battle of the sexes”. As the handsomely rugged big game hunter Victor Marswell, an aging Clark Gable is at the centre of an improbable love triangle involving the wife of an anthropologist whose husband is afraid of gorillas – although he has traveled to Africa to study them, and a prostitute named “Honey Bear Kelly” whose “employer” – a rich maharaja has had a change of plans. The not so-subtle and clichéd screenplay is full of badly dated sexual innuendo which resembles a cheap romance novel, but which now at least has considerable kitsch value considering the prominent cast and director (Klaus Ming June 2011).

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