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Juliet of the Spirits (1965)

Italy/France 137m, Colour
Director: Federico Fellini; Cast: Giulietta Masina, Sandra Milo, Mario Pisu, Valentina Cortese, Valeska Gert

juliet_of-the_spiritsJuliet of the Spirits is a comedic drama and visual spectacle that plays with mystical themes while peering into the memories and fantasies of a well-to-do, but lonely middle-aged woman. In an attempt to come to terms with her mundane life and cheating husband, we learn the inner workings of Juliet’s subconscious desires and witness her dealings with an assortment of very unusual friends and neighbours (Klaus Ming September 2016).

2 comments on “Juliet of the Spirits (1965)

  1. Niall McArdle

    great film!

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